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BANGKOKTIP O-SOD CO., LTD. and KRUNGTEPTIPP CO., LTD. adhere to ethical business practices. Respect and comply with applicable laws and be aware of the trust from those who use the company's services and understand that you want the security of keeping your personal information informed to the company.

The company is aware the importance to respecting the right to privacy and the security of your personal information. By having established policies, regulations and criteria to operate the company with strict measures to protect the security of your personal information. So that you can be sure your personal data will be used according to your needs and in accordance with the law.


This Policy applies to the Company to set policies, rules and regulations in the operation of the company according to the personal data protection law


Personal Data Protection Laws mean the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 (2019), including any royal decree, ministerial regulation, announcement, rule, regulation or guideline issued under the said Act.

Personal data means any information about any person that can be used to identify that person. This does not include personal data which is made anonymous to the identity of the person who owns the data (anonymous data) such as name-surname, ID number, address, telephone number, email (email address), credit card information. Your photo, race, nationality, religion, date of birth, information about purchases of goods and services, payment information, etc.

Sensitive Personal Data means to include personal information about race, ethnicity, political opinions, cult beliefs, religion or philosophy, sexual behavior, criminal history, health information, disability, trade union information, genetic information. Biographical data, or any other data which affects the subject of personal data in a similar manner as announced by the Personal Data Protection Committee.

Processing means collecting, using or disclosing.



The company will collect various information, which you have directly provided to the company or arising from the use of the service or communication with the company either in the form of documents or computer traffic data. The information the company collects will be obtained through lawful, fair and appropriate means and stored only to the extent necessary for the company's operations. The company will inform you of the purpose of collecting your personal information, including the impact of not providing information and the company will ask for your consent before collecting, unless the collection can be carried out as required by law.

In the event that the company has a necessity to collect your sensitive personal data, the company will obtain your express consent prior to collection, unless the collection can be carried out as required by law. The Company will retain your information for a period of time in accordance with the purposes for which it was collected, which the company will inform you before purchasing products, using services, communicating or enter into a contract in each subject and if thereafter changes the purpose of collecting personal data .The company will inform you which the company will disclose on the company website


All company personnel have a duty to comply with personal data protection laws, Privacy Policy and security policies and practices

Penalty Persons who are responsible for the performance of any matter in accordance with their duties, if neglecting or refraining from directing or failing to perform or directing or performing any one of their duties, this is a violation of policies and guidelines regarding personal information. Until causing an offense or damage, that person must be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with the company's regulations.


The company will use personal information for the purposes for which it has been informed or under the contract. or only related to communication or business dealings with you or has received your consent or in the case where the company can use your personal information without your consent only in cases where the law of personal data protection allows it and the company will take care not to reveal, show or make your personal information appear in a manner other than the purpose for which you have been informed or with your consent. or can proceed as required by law.

Your personal information It may be used for studies, research, or statistical purposes. for development improve service quality marketing promotion providing information and/or updates on products according to the company's operational objectives and to provide you with the greatest benefits and satisfaction.


You have rights over your personal data. The company will not allow the disclosure of your personal information other than the authorized employees of the company and persons authorized by you to access your personal data as well as to prevent the use of your personal information without your prior permission. Unless the company has received your consent or in the case that the company is required to disclose in order to comply with the provisions of the law or according to the judgment or by order of the court or in court hearings or arbitrator or any other organization with legal authority or in accordance with notifications, rules, regulations, regulations, orders or requests by any other authority having legal powers.


The company will keep your personal information very well in accordance with the Technical Measures and administrative measures, (Organizational Measure) or measures as required by law to maintain the security of the appropriate processing of personal data and to prevent personal data breaches, the company has established policies, regulations and rules for personal data protection such as security standards of information technology systems and measures to prevent recipients from using or disclosing information outside the intended purpose. The company has updated such policies, rules and regulations periodically. as necessary and appropriate for the maximum benefit of protecting your personal information, in addition, executives, employees, employees, contractors, agents, consultants and recipients of information from the company are obliged to maintain the confidentiality of personal information in accordance with the confidentiality measures established by the company.

However, the transmission of information via the Internet is still limited to maintain security. Even though the company has put in place strict data security measures, the company cannot guarantee the security of the information you disclose through online channels. Therefore, the company reserves the right to disclaim any responsibility for any damage or loss that may occur, whether directly or indirectly from unauthorized access to personal information that you have provided to the company (Unauthorized Access)


You have the right to access your personal data, by submitting the request through the company's contact channels. The company will notify the existence and details of such personal data to you if you consider that your personal information is invalid or not current. You have the right to change your personal information, ask the company to move your personal data, objection to suspend the use and proceed to delete your personal information. Except in the case where the company may have the right to deny or limit the rights of the data subject as required by the personal protection law. The Company will endeavor to respond to your lawful request within 30 days, but in some cases it may take more than 30 days.

In case of multiple submission of requests, the company will notify you and keep reporting the progress of the case to you. In the event that you do not consent to the company's use of your personal information or have the company delete your information from the system, the company would like to inform you that you may not be able to use some services of the company or may cause you to not receive information or is not convenient to receive services.


The company may update this Privacy Policy to comply with the changes in the service company operation and suggestions/opinions from you. The company will announce to publish the changes on the company's website or may send notice to you directly.

You can see more details in the section of personal data that the company processes. Purpose of processing In the event that you have to provide personal information to the company and the possible consequences of not providing personal information period for collecting personal information types of persons or entities that may receive that personal information Information about the company as a personal data controller your rights as the subject of personal data transfer of such personal data abroad including reasons and methods of processing those personal data at our official website.


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